Composting Forum

In October 2020 Katikati Taiao will be hosting an Organic Waste Forum to share our vision of creating a pilot organic waste project to add value to food waste in our community.  This forum will discuss the benefits to industry and to the whole community by using a “Circular Economy” model.  Waste could be from the following places:

  • Kiwifruit industry
  • Avocado industry
  • Homes and gardens
  • Schools
  • Business, shops and restaurants
  • Recycling Centre

The perceived benefits of the organic waste project are:

  • reduced carbon emissions as organic waste is not transported to far away destinations, (only to be brought back as compost)
  • increased employment opportunities for locals: collection, processing, administration, revenue handling, health and safety etc
  • increased training opportunities for locals: forklift driver, organic waste processing, marketing, health and safety, first aid etc
  • more money retained in our community:
  • more money to go round our community
  • leading into the future by example
  • adding dollar value to organic waste
  • a valuable resource to be used in local planting projects
  • creating a model that will be replicable in other communities
  • creating a model that is inclusive and takes into account social, cultural and environmental aspects as well as economic.

It is hoped that this project will lead to a thriving social enterprise that has huge benefits in our community.

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